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HTML Indexer 4 adds fully integrated cross-references, target frames and windows, framed output, multiple-file output, expanded undo-redo memory, "one-step accept" for default entries, even greater stylistic control, and more!

Brown Inc. is proud to offer this demonstration version so you can try it, too.

The demonstration version includes the award-winning tutorial and sample files that show you how to get the most out of HTML Indexer. When you're ready, see the "read-me" file (or the FAQ) for information about registering the downloaded software or ordering a CD-ROM.

Ready to see why we're so excited about HTML Indexer? Read the release notes, then follow the installation instructions below.

Version 4.1.9
15 April 2006

1363 KB


Installation Instructions 

Click on the DOWNLOAD link to download the demo installer. (For Windows 98 and earlier 32-bit versions, you'll need the free Windows installer, available from Microsoft.)

Double-click on the downloaded file (HTML_Indexer_419.exe) to extract and run the HTML Indexer setup program.

After you choose a directory, the setup program installs a single executable, the software license agreement, a "read-me" file with instructions for registering HTML Indexer, help files, GIF files, tutorial sample files, and uninstall support files.

All files are stored in or below the directory where you choose to install HTML Indexer.


  • This demonstration version creates classic index files, HTML Help index files, and JavaHelp index and mapID files; but it does not save index entries or project settings between sessions. It does not modify your HTML source files in any way.

  • See the release notes for information on command-line invocation.

  • Some users have reported receiving an incomplete download. If the file you receive isn't about the size listed above, please send a message to

  • HTML Indexer has been confirmed to work in Windows 7 and earlier versions. If Windows 7 displays a message that the Help and Tutorial systems require the missing WinHelp engine, it is available from Microsoft's support site.

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