HTML Indexer™ 4

The professional tool for indexing HTML files now includes fully integrated cross-references, target frames and windows, framed output, multiple-file output, expanded undo-redo memory, one-step accept for default entries, even greater stylistic control, and more!

  1. Read the license agreement.

  2. Read the release notes!

  3. Download the HTML Indexer installer (1363 KB).

    Some users have reported receiving an incomplete download. If the file you receive isn't about the size listed above, please send a message to

    This demonstration version creates index files which you're free to use, but it does not embed index entries or save project settings. It does not modify your HTML source files in any way.

  4. Run through the award-winning tutorial.

    The tutorial has not been updated to include a description of some of the latest features. As a result, some of the screen shots differ slightly from the current version of the software, but not in ways that will cause confusion. It's still the fastest way to get working with the basic features, too, and we encourage you to take an hour or so to go through the lessons.

  5. To register HTML Indexer, send e-mail to Be sure to include the information listed in the "read-me" file. We'll send you a registration number so you can get started right away.

Please direct questions about HTML Indexer to

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