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HTML Indexer™ Revision History

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These descriptions provide a summary of changes. Please make sure you're using the latest version.

Version Date Description
4.1.9 4/15/06 Added recognition of ID attribute as alternative to NAME for identifying NAMEd anchors
(if both present, as in <a id="this" name="that">...</a>, then NAME is used)
4.1.8 10/10/04 Enhanced diagnostic reporting for file processing problems
4.1.7 02/16/04 Changed absolute to relative URLs for navigation links in single-frame, single-file output
4.1.6 12/05/03 Eliminated rare problem with nested cross-reference locators
4.1.5 10/21/03 Improved reporting of file-save errors
4.1.4 8/21/02 Eliminated problem with "keywords" META tags
4.1.3 7/21/02 Eliminated problem with double quotation marks in cross-reference locators
4.1.2 7/08/02 Eliminated rare problem with cross-references in framed output
4.1.1 5/29/02 New Windows installers;
Eliminated rare problem identifying output file
4.1 4/23/02 Right-click selection of entries in the index preview;
Eliminated problem saving certain files
4.0 3/31/02 Fully integrated support for cross-references in HTML and HTML Help;
Optional target frames and windows (both project-wide and entry-specific);
Optional framed output (separate frames for navigation and entries);
Optional separate files for individual letter groups;
Easy acceptance of multiple default entries;
Multiple undo-redo memory
3.4.2 12/25/00 Enhanced use of classes to include formatting of return-to-top paragraphs;
Close <P> tags, and enclose numeric arguments in quotation marks (")
3.4.1 8/31/00 Eliminated problem with carriage returns in NAMEd anchor tags
3.4 6/13/00 Enhanced stylesheet control, including indentation in the HTML index, which is much cooler than it sounds!
3.3 4/25/00 Removed restriction on location of graphics, style sheets, and "include" files;
Enabled specification of defaults for graphics, style sheets, and "include" files
3.2.2 11/11/99 Eliminated problem with display of index preview;
Improved behavior in Add External URL and Add Index Entry dialog boxes
3.2.1 10/27/99 Option to include a style sheet reference;
Option to specify attributes for the BODY tag;
Separate TITLE and heading (H1) text;
New command to select targets of selected entries
Updated tutorial describing new features
3.1.4 10/6/99 Consistent versions in About HTML Indexer and Version Details dialog boxes
3.1.3 8/12/99 Improvements to setup
3.1.2 7/31/99 Greater tolerance for editor-introduced line breaks in embedded entries;
Faster opening of existing projects;
Improved detection of user-introduced errors adding and editing index entries
3.1.1 7/28/99 Newline characters filtered out of default index entries
3.1 7/11/99 Command-line invocation
3.0.2 7/9/99 New tutorial describing help indexes and other features
3.0.1 7/2/99 Pathnames refused in the Set Filenames dialog box;
Additional improvements to the index preview
3.0 6/27/99 Output options for JavaHelp and Microsoft™ HTML Help indexes;
Undo and Redo of major actions;
Options for 1-, 2-, or 3-column output;
Long-line handling (a wrap/nowrap option);
Context-sensitive (right-mouse-button) menus;

Various improvements to the index preview
2.1 5/4/99 Feature consolidation release
2.0.8 5/2/99 Option to insert "include" files at the top and bottom of the index;
Option to add "return to top" links between letter groups
2.0.7 4/27/99 Eliminated problem with missing or renamed output file
2.0.6 4/5/99 New "unregister" command for temporary installations;
Minor modifications to online help and tutorial
2.0.5 2/7/99 Improved access to tutorial;
Streamlined setup
2.0.4 1/3/99 Eliminated problem with "escape" character (\)
2.0.3 12/27/98 New auto-copy option in Add Index Entry and Edit Index Entry dialog boxes;
New Version Details dialog box to help identify out-of-date ComCtl32.dll files;
Minor improvements to online help;
New URL in License.txt
2.0.2 11/21/98 Cosmetic and performance improvements to Add Files to Project dialog box
2.0.1 11/20/98 Eliminated sorting problem (noncontiguous symbols)
2.0 11/01/98 Initial public release

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